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Granite Spires

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Granite Spires 

a hand knit sock pattern

cathedral spires hand knit sock pattern

Cathedral Spires made of craggy granite, reach high into the sky in South Dakota’s Black Hills.


cathedral spires

You can drive to see these amazing rock formations,


cathedral spires hand knit sock pattern

but a hike in the pine forests – over lichen covered boulders and across icy cold streams – is far more awesome!


cathedral spires hand knit sock pattern

And one essential for your hike would be a great pair of hand knit wool socks!


cathedral spires hand knit sock pattern



cathedral spires hand knit sock pattern

Granite Spires Socks, unlike the rugged granite, will be soft and warm in your boots.


cathedral spires hand knit sock pattern

An easy knit with twisted stitches form rocky diamonds.


Cathedral Spires hand knit sock pattern

Knit from the top down on two circular needles and your favorite sock yarn.


cathedral spires hand knit sock pattern

You can find the pattern and several lovely sock yarns in my Etsy store.


Needles Highway – Custer State Park

Summer – New Yarn

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cvm romeldale yarn winterwind farm roubaix wool

Roubaix Wool’s new yarn “Summer”

cvm romeldale yarn winterwind farm roubaix wool

Okay, summer is over but Sweet Summer and a few of her friends have donated their fabulous wool to this new yarn and it’s SWEET!

cvm romeldale yarn winterwind farm roubaix wool


80% CVM/Romeldale wool – fine – rare –  homegrown

10% Kid Mohair – fine – not so rare – homegrown

10% alpaca – fine – not so rare – Minnesota grown

cvm romeldale yarn winterwind farm roubaix wool

Some naturally dyed with Marigold flowers Image result for marigold clipart free.

cvm romeldale yarn winterwind farm roubaix wool

Other skeins where kettle dyed such as Deep Water blue.

cvm romeldale yarn winterwind farm roubaix wool

And a whole bunch is still in their natural color of winter white with hints of warm browns and soft grays throughout.

cvm yarn romeldale


2- ply fingering to light sport wt.

soft, squishy, elastic and lofty with a slight halo and fabulous drape

you can find this yarn for sale on Etsy

Petit Four Socks cvm romeldale yarn

Petit Four socks – Pattern by Michelle Wang

available through Quince and Co.

summer cvm eweHappy Knitting, Summer


Angora Rabbits for Sale!

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chinchilla chestnut angora rabbits

The bunnies are ready for new homes!

Today’s photos are of two females that are for sale – one chestnut agouti and one chinchilla.

chinchilla angora rabbit

Chinchilla colored female angora rabbit 11 weeks old,

she is a French x German cross with a dash of English angora for good measure.

chinchilla angora rabbit

Chinchilla female

chinchilla angora rabbit

Chinchilla is a gorgeous silver gray color in the angora rabbit.

angora rabbits for saleChinchilla on the left.

Chestnut on the right.

female chestnut agouti

Chestnut agouti female angora.

She is a French x German cross with a dash of English for good measure and wonderful fiber.

chestnut angora rabbit

Chestnut Agouti is a warm brown color with bands of blue gray and tan along the fiber shaft.

angora rabbit for sale

Charming and pretty – this darling will provide years of glorious fiber.

angora rabbits for sale

These girls are available to loving homes now.

We have the same colors available in male siblings also.

Bunnies are handled daily and groomed often.

If you love bunnies – love angora fiber and yarns…

and need more information on these lovelies for sale, please contact me at for details.

(delivery to the Twin Cities area may be possible)

Angora Bunnies

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angora bunnies

We have a new litter of angora bunnies:)

chinchilla angora bunnies


angora bunnies

A lovely assortment of chinchilla grays…

angora bunnies

I can’t decide which one I like best… black or chestnut…

angora bunnies

chestnut or chinchilla?

angora bunnies

6 1/2 week old angora kits will soon be ready for new homes.

(around the first week of July)

These lovelies are French x German crosses with a “titch” of English thrown in for good measure.

Their wool will be outstanding, their colors are gorgeous, their personalities decidedly charming.

If you are in the market for luxury fiber and a charming new family member (or two) please contact me at

for details.

angora bunnies


Shimmering Silver pin drafted roving

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shimmering silver pin drafted roving

Shimmering Silver pin-drafted roving fresh from the mill and ready to be spun!

CVM-Romeldale fine wool blended with naturally colored kid mohair and white alpaca.

shimmering silver pin drafted roving

Light and airy – soft and summery.

shimmering silver pin drafted roving

I’m thinking lace knitting – socks or shawl?

Or cabled Barn Owl Cowl.

Or… maybe a cardigan

shimmering silver pin drafted roving

for sale on Etsy

spring snows

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I like them (spring snows) but some do NOT – just ask a donkey!


This  is Stormy Dawn expressing her opinion of today’s weather 🙂


donkeys miniture donkeys

a little hay and everyone is “happy”


angora kid goats newborn

and… snug in the barn the angora goat kids are arriving!


stay tuned!


Lida Shawl

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Lida hand knit shawl

Eyelets and lace,

cables and gorgeous yarn

make the Lida shawl by Bristol Ivy.

Knit in a 100% CVM-Romeldale yarn called “Earth”

a 3-ply fingering weight yarn grown and produce here at Winterwind Farm:)

Lida shawl

Lida shawl

An elegant warm weather knit project and perfect summer wrap.


Lambs – cvm/romeldale lambs

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Such a great spring – such a great lambing season!

cvm romeldale lambs

cvm romeldale lambs

cvm romeldale lamb

cvm romeldale lambs

“Flower” a white romeldale ewe with

her cvm twin lambs.

“May” is a moorit cvm ewe and very proud

of her ewe lamb.

cvm romeldale lambs

The 2017 crop of purebred ARCR registered CVM-Romeldale lambs has been outstanding

17 ewes produced 33 lambs that were sired by an impressive Romeldale ram

with a micron count of 20.7.

It’s a little early to brag about the lambs’ wool but so far they do seem to have inherited their sire’s fineness.

If you think you would like to add a cvm-romeldale lamb to your flock now would be a good time to get on the wait list.

email –

angora buckling

coming soon 2017 colored angora kids! 


Gradient – hand spun kid mohair and silk

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gradient handspun

moody blues and gray handspun singles getting ready to become

the Shibui Gradient Cowl

(pattern here)

gray and blue gradient yarn

kid mohair and silk blends in natural silver and white,

kettle dyed to stormy Blue Heron and Harbor blues.

blue gradient handspun

a relaxing seed stitch pattern using 3 strands of yarn held as one,

shifting colors one strand at a time to create a new shade.

that is – Gradient.

blue gradient mohair and silk yarn

1600 yards in 4 colors

custom spinning requests can be made by contacting

winterwind farm at

silk and kid mohair handspunanother Gradient by winterwind farm

found here and there.

winterwind farm

Happy Winter – stay warm and knit!

Fingerless Mittens

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hand knit fingerless mittens

just in time for the holidays…

hand knit fingerless mittens


hand knit

fingerless mittens

hand knit fingerless mittens

romeldale wool for warmth, kid mohair for halo, angora for pizzazz

hand knit fingerless mittens

custom made just for…

visit our etsy shop for details

hand knit fingerless mittens