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bucklings and doelings

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taupe doeling 2

isn’t she sweet?

taupe doeling

this is a beautifully put together taupe brown angora goat doeling

kids 1

black doeling

isn’t she cute?

doeling 2

a lovely solid black angora goat doeling

peacock buckling

tah dah!

a brown and black peacock patterned angora goat buckling – pretty rare – pretty nice!

bucklings 1

tah dah! and tah dah!

beautifully patterned angora goat bucklings

Lima twins

sweet twins

brown/black badger patterned buckling with twin sister – black and white peacock patterned angora goat doeling

red doeling

“crazy red” does that cat look like she wants to be friends?

red doeling 2

a friendly and curious red angora goat doeling

these and a few others are available for sale

more photos coming as they grow

lace handspun

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silk and kid mohair lace yarn. Winterwind Farm - roubaix wool

summer knitting needs to be light and airy

silk and kid mohair lace yarn. Winterwind Farm - roubaix wool

soft, yet in Minnesota – warm

silk and kid mohair handspun lace yarn Winterwind Farm - roubaix wool

these handspun silk and kid mohair singles will soon be wrapped around my friend Lips’ neck

in the pretty Gradient cowl (see this gorgeous one from The Yarnery – Gradient)

while she relaxes on the shores of East Battle…

sunset on East Battle


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Landfall back


by Veronik Avery

found in Brooklyn Tweed winter 14

charcoal cvm/kid mohair roving


again, I had this tub of pin-drafted roving…

it was calling to me “spin this you are going to love it!”

however, I also loved the Landfall sweater and this roving would make perfect yarn for that garment…

now I could spin 2600 yards but I wanted to wear this sweater before I turned another year older

so I boxed it up and sent it back to the mill to be spun into a 2-ply worsted weight super delicious yarn!

it’s 80% cvm wool with 20% gorgeous charcoal kid mohair and if you love it too

soon there will be a fresh batch back from the mill and for sale on Etsy

Ifront 1

There were a lot of twisted stitches but not a slow knit as I was afraid it would be

 by Valentines Day it was done and I had a date for dinner!

front 3

so wearing my Landfall – feeling like a million dollars – we walk the streets of Fergus Falls on our way to dinner.

I was sure strangers would grab my arm, stopping me on the sidewalk to ask where in the world did I get such a

beautiful sweater?

front 2

ok, so no one has stopped and asked…but

I will still feel like a million dollars when I wear it 🙂

close up 4

close up 2

close up 1


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Carpathian – where does that word come from?

it is a mountain range in Central and Eastern Europe

full of wolves and bears, thermal waters and deep forests

sounds beautiful!

carpathian sweater

and so is this!

the Carpathian Sweater

carpathian sweater winterwind farm yarn roubaix wool

dog models Mad Dog and Hopeful are beautiful too

but wowzer that sweater is nice!

carpathian sweater winterwind farm roubaix wool

carpathian sweater winterwind farm roubaix wool

Carp paws up 2

a blue sky alpaca pattern by designer Vladimira Ilkovicova

knit in a Roubaix Wool yarn called “Cloud”

winterwind farm yarn made of 65% CVM wool, 20% Cormo wool and 15% angora

for Bette

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Ene scarf

I had wanted to make the Ene Scarf for a long time.


and I had this great pin-drafted roving made of CVM wool and angora .

rams 2

and then there were many long trips to doctors and the treatment center and then the hospital

and this project kept me occupied while we waited…

on the tree

when the knitting was nearly complete – and everyone was back home – and the doctors were gone

it was suddenly clear who this project was meant for…

on the clothes line

but the natural gray wasn’t right

so I threw it in the dye pot…

close up fence 2

and dusky lavender was perfect!


for Bette!


Colored Angora Goats for Sale

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2014 Bucklings

brown buckling face

April born colored angora buckling – brown buckling with dorsal stripe and dark belly.

brown buckling 3

Excellent confirmation and mohair coverage.

black buckling face

April born colored angora buckling – solid black

black buckling 2

Very nice confirmation and mohair coverage.

2014 Doelings

Mica side

Mica – brown light belly with mahogany ears

Twinkie face

Twinkie – brown with dorsal stripe and dark belly.

Twinkie side

Twinkie – bottle raised triplet.

red doeling side

Twizzle – red doeling

cream colored doeling

Olive – cream colored doeling

cream colored doeling side

Olive 🙂

All kids are out of CAGBA registered parents.

please contact me for details.  email

It’s Festival Time

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and we’re all going!


Bernadette is going…

bottle lambs

and some of her friends as well…

To the best fiber festival in Minnesota!

festival flier

Shepherds Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival

May 17-18, 2014

come visit us in the barn!

harvesting the wool

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in the barn

the ewes have been in the barn all night

waiting for the shearer

ewes waiting to be sheared

 blankets are removed to reveal this year’s crop

tim and bobble

the harvest begins!

Wool Harvest – Shearing Day

skirting the fleeces

fresh shorn fleeces are quickly skirted


a day or two later the fleeces are skirted a second time

staple length and fleece quality is recorded

the wool is now ready to ship to hand spinners or to the mill for processing into rovings and yarn.

you can find our products in our Etsy store

Hayes, MTM and Cluck

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Hand M

super model MTM wearing the Brooklyn Tweed Hayes by Julie Hoover

Hayes scarf

Cluck and MTM

MTM is styling in  Hayes  and the sporty new Cluck!

Hayes on mirror

Hayes and Cluck

hayes and mini cooper

Hayes and Hairy

Crazy Hairy looking good in Hayes

Hayes and fireplaceknit in Drift by Roubaix Wool

CVM/angora/alpaca  – lovely!

hand spun waits

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fingerless mittsIMG_8123


handspun yarn


cvm wool and silk (or was it bamboo) and kid mohair

dyed in salmon and mint and pink

sat in the stash waiting, waiting, waiting to become something


fingerless mitts christmas tree


Traveling Vine Fingerless Mitts

for J