Fresh Wool

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freshly sheared CVM-Romeldale wool…

gray cvm fleece

the breed is so unique there really is nothing like it.

blue gray cvm wool

the ewes fine to medium wool is dripping with lanolin –┬áthe feel is amazing!

multi gray cvm fleece

how many shades of gray?

moorit cvm fleece

and the moorits – so beautiful – so rare

moorit cvm fleece


moorit cvm wool


moorit cvm fleece

moorits can be a dark as cinnamon and as light as oatmeal like “May”

oatmeal colored cvm fleece

white romeldale x cormo wool

and white!

white 3

white romeldale fleece


freshly sheared cvm fleeces

cvm ewes

the contributors!

bursting with soon to be arriving lambs these cvm-romeldale ewes are ready to give up their bulky wool coats.

fleeces will be for sale on Etsy


  1. Oh so beautiful! … I am so tempted!

  2. LOVE the woolly animals and fiber at Winterwind. Keep up the hard, happy shearing work! Your knitters and spinners will be waiting.

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