Angora Bunnies

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angora bunnies

We have a new litter of angora bunnies:)

chinchilla angora bunnies


angora bunnies

A lovely assortment of chinchilla grays…

angora bunnies

I can’t decide which one I like best… black or chestnut…

angora bunnies

chestnut or chinchilla?

angora bunnies

6 1/2 week old angora kits will soon be ready for new homes.

(around the first week of July)

These lovelies are French x German crosses with a “titch” of English thrown in for good measure.

Their wool will be outstanding, their colors are gorgeous, their personalities decidedly charming.

If you are in the market for luxury fiber and a charming new family member (or two) please contact me at

for details.

angora bunnies


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