angora goats for sale

Posted on Apr 9, 2012 | 4 comments

These light bellied badger kids are for sale.

on the left – “Beans”  a black and white reverse badger doeling

in the center is her twin brother – “Bolt” a tri color reverse badger buckling

at 8 weeks of age both are growing nicely with great confirmation and exciting color patterns!

both are for sale

for more information please contact Sandy at

hot hot hot colored angora buckling out of a favorite doe “Apple”, she always produces the best bucks!

this little guy has lots to offer – great confirmation, lots of color and mohair coverage

and he’s for sale!

if interested please contact Sandy at

and two sweet cream colored angora wethers

excellent fiber producers

a perfect addition to any small fiber farm

colored angora goats for sale

contact Sandy at


  1. Lovely little goats and fleeces 🙂

  2. Where are you located? Those reverse badger kids are beautiful……I love badger markings and colors either regular or reverse. I just lost my beautiful badger wether that was only 2 yrs. old.

    • Hi Gary,
      Angoras are such lovely animals – it’s always sad to loose one…
      We live in Battle Lake, MN about an hour south of Fargo.
      I have two intacted male badgers still here – still for sale.

  3. your angoras are really nice I am shopping around and plan on getting some angoras after I,m done with big fencing project it will be over a year 2014 but what would be your price for a pair of goats that could be bred a big purchase like this will take saving up for it

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