bucklings and doelings

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taupe doeling 2

isn’t she sweet?

taupe doeling

this is a beautifully put together taupe brown angora goat doeling

kids 1

black doeling

isn’t she cute?

doeling 2

a lovely solid black angora goat doeling

peacock buckling

tah dah!

a brown and black peacock patterned angora goat buckling – pretty rare – pretty nice!

bucklings 1

tah dah! and tah dah!

beautifully patterned angora goat bucklings

Lima twins

sweet twins

brown/black badger patterned buckling with twin sister –┬áblack and white peacock patterned angora goat doeling

red doeling

“crazy red” does that cat look like she wants to be friends?

red doeling 2

a friendly and curious red angora goat doeling

these and a few others are available for sale

more photos coming as they grow



  1. Love them all! Beautiful Angora goatlings – from the best breeder I know!

  2. Oh, Thanks Kelly!

  3. Hello Sandy; Just looked @ your pretty peacock patterned goat kids, so cute, looking for a fine fleeced buck kid in this pattern? What’s available? Thank you, Anita Gooch

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