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Carpathian – where does that word come from?

it is a mountain range in Central and Eastern Europe

full of wolves and bears, thermal waters and deep forests

sounds beautiful!

carpathian sweater

and so is this!

the Carpathian Sweater

carpathian sweater winterwind farm yarn roubaix wool

dog models Mad Dog and Hopeful are beautiful too

but wowzer that sweater is nice!

carpathian sweater winterwind farm roubaix wool

carpathian sweater winterwind farm roubaix wool

Carp paws up 2

a blue sky alpaca pattern by designer Vladimira Ilkovicova

knit in a Roubaix Wool yarn called “Cloud”

winterwind farm yarn made of 65% CVM wool, 20% Cormo wool and 15% angora


  1. Beautiful, Sandy!

  2. Gorgeous!

    • thank you Kriss
      thank you Marie
      it’s a pretty pattern and the yarn just fit the project so well 🙂

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