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Landfall back


by Veronik Avery

found in Brooklyn Tweed winter 14

charcoal cvm/kid mohair roving


again, I had this tub of pin-drafted roving…

it was calling to me “spin this you are going to love it!”

however, I also loved the Landfall sweater and this roving would make perfect yarn for that garment…

now I could spin 2600 yards but I wanted to wear this sweater before I turned another year older

so I boxed it up and sent it back to the mill to be spun into a 2-ply worsted weight super delicious yarn!

it’s 80% cvm wool with 20% gorgeous charcoal kid mohair and if you love it too

soon there will be a fresh batch back from the mill and for sale on Etsy

Ifront 1

There were a lot of twisted stitches but not a slow knit as I was afraid it would be

 by Valentines Day it was done and I had a date for dinner!

front 3

so wearing my Landfall – feeling like a million dollars – we walk the streets of Fergus Falls on our way to dinner.

I was sure strangers would grab my arm, stopping me on the sidewalk to ask where in the world did I get such a

beautiful sweater?

front 2

ok, so no one has stopped and asked…but

I will still feel like a million dollars when I wear it 🙂

close up 4

close up 2

close up 1


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. thanks Deb – I think your yarns would be great in this pattern as well!

  3. Now, if they had known you had raised the sheep, sheared the sheep, skirted the fleece, sent it to the mill, resent it to the mill and then knit it yourself … you would have been taking orders!

  4. Beautiful! I have that same feeling when I have knit something I am especially proud of, and no one has yet to stop me either. But it’s still fun to think about!

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