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Gradient – hand spun kid mohair and silk

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gradient handspun

moody blues and gray handspun singles getting ready to become

the Shibui Gradient Cowl

(pattern here)

gray and blue gradient yarn

kid mohair and silk blends in natural silver and white,

kettle dyed to stormy Blue Heron and Harbor blues.

blue gradient handspun

a relaxing seed stitch pattern using 3 strands of yarn held as one,

shifting colors one strand at a time to create a new shade.

that is – Gradient.

blue gradient mohair and silk yarn

1600 yards in 4 colors

custom spinning requests can be made by contacting

winterwind farm at

silk and kid mohair handspunanother Gradient by winterwind farm

found here and there.

winterwind farm

Happy Winter – stay warm and knit!

Fingerless Mittens

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hand knit fingerless mittens

just in time for the holidays…

hand knit fingerless mittens


hand knit

fingerless mittens

hand knit fingerless mittens

romeldale wool for warmth, kid mohair for halo, angora for pizzazz

hand knit fingerless mittens

custom made just for…

visit our etsy shop for details

hand knit fingerless mittens



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Gyre – a unique lace wrap.

gyre a knit shawl

knit with Freckles Fingering

a Roubaix Wool yarn made from a blend of cvm wool and kid mohair.

gyre a lace shawl

a sunburst surrounded by honeycomb lace

makes the perfect late summer wrap.


This clever design is by Bristol Ivy

in Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People 9 Lookbook

gyre a lace shawl

cvm romeldale white lamb

a lovely cvm-romeldale lamb 

Lambs for Sale

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cvm romeldale ram lambs for sale

The growing season is coming to an end.

If you have always wanted a lovely CVM-Romeldale ram

now would be a great time to buy!

cvm romeldale ram lambs for sale

Winterwind Farm has March born ram lambs for sale

out of NRCC registered purebred stock.

cvm romeldale lambs

Please contact us if you are in the market!


lamb legs 2

Fresh Wool

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freshly sheared CVM-Romeldale wool…

gray cvm fleece

the breed is so unique there really is nothing like it.

blue gray cvm wool

the ewes fine to medium wool is dripping with lanolin – the feel is amazing!

multi gray cvm fleece

how many shades of gray?

moorit cvm fleece

and the moorits – so beautiful – so rare

moorit cvm fleece


moorit cvm wool


moorit cvm fleece

moorits can be a dark as cinnamon and as light as oatmeal like “May”

oatmeal colored cvm fleece

white romeldale x cormo wool

and white!

white 3

white romeldale fleece


freshly sheared cvm fleeces

cvm ewes

the contributors!

bursting with soon to be arriving lambs these cvm-romeldale ewes are ready to give up their bulky wool coats.

fleeces will be for sale on Etsy

Tallgrass – a prairie shawl

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Tallgrass shawl

summer is over

the bugs and humidity are leaving!

 farmers are harvesting beans and the prairie grasses are turning brown.

fall is in the air –  it’s time to think about knitting!


Tallgrass – a new ROUBAIX WOOL pattern might be just the right project to start.

lace and cables twist together to create the perfect fall wrap.

tallgrass wrap

knit with “Prairie” a warm sport wt. cvm/alpaca yarn grown here on Winterwind Farm

and spun at  Dakota Fiber Mill in close by North Dakota.

tallgrass in autumn

wrap yourself up in this warm shawl and settle in to watch the dazzling colors of autumn begin.

tallgrass shawl in autumn

the Tallgrass pattern and Prairie yarn are for sale on Etsy

I think you will enjoy them both.




dryer balls

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I never really believed in dryer balls…until I tried them.

drier balls

As a natural fabric softener these dryer balls reduce wrinkles, reduce drying time and reduce static.

And if you add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a dryer ball, you will have fabulously scented towels and sheets (and laundry room).

drier balls 3

Handmade from cvm wool, angora wool and mohair (these are kind of designer balls), they are all natural, eco-friendly and affordable.

drier balls4

In natural colors of white, gray, brown and charcoal.

drier balls 5

Or hand dyed in soft pastel colors.

add 3-4 balls to your dryer and enjoy!

for sale on Etsy


a few nice bucklings for sale

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brown buckling

a big stocky brown angora buckling

peacock buckling

the brown and black peacock angora buckling – growing nicely

light belly front

last but certainly not least – a fancy light belly

All are CAGBA registerable

all are for sale

if you have questions please contact me at

Gradient – a beautiful cowl pattern by Shibui

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it’s Done!
gradient cowl shibui pattern winterwind farm fibers

and it’s Pretty!

gradient cowl using handspun kid mohair and silkand  it’s Brilliantly simple to makegradient cowl Shibui pattern

and I will need to make this AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!

gradient cowl shubui patternthe Gradient Cowl by Shibui

using handspun lace weight singles spun from kid mohair and silk 

New Yarns

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Kingston 1



a winter white 2-ply worsted wt. yarn

primarily composed of wool from my lovely CVM ram Kingston, blended with angora

making a 80/20 blend of soft yarn with slight halo.

can be found for sale in our Etsy store

Granite 1


a medium gray worsted wt. yarn with many taupe and brown tones

this yarn is a 80/20 blend of naturally colored CVM wool and angora

3-plies make this a soft, elastic and round yarn with a slight halo

this yarn is for sale in our Etsy store

Coal 2 ply worsted wt yarn



a 2-ply charcoal gray/brown yarn

with variegated dark charcoal gray/brown CVM~Romeldale wool provided by “Coal”

this is an 80/20 blend of naturally colored dark charcoal/brown cvm wool and kid mohair

2-plies of worsted wt. yarn makes this great sweater yarn

see it knit up in the Brooklyn Tweed Landfall sweater 

this yarn is for sale in our Etsy store

Freckles Fingering yarn

“Freckles Fingering”


a 3-ply fingering wt. yarn in soft gray

with CVM wool provided by the very kind ewe “Freckles”

this yarn is a 80/20 blend of naturally colored CVM wool and kid mohair

3-plies in fingering wt. make this yarn idea for socks and shawls

this yarn is for sale in our Etsy store